About Rachel

Hello! I’m Rachel, the face behind Hollybanks Lane, a small batch ceramic jewelry company. It all began on Holly Banks Lane, in a beach house nestled in Beach Haven, New Jersey. It was there I discovered a love for making from my first pinch pot to beading along with an adoration of the beach and ocean around me. It was only a few blocks down the road from Holly Banks Lane that I had my very first job as a beadnik at a bead shop, learning the basics of stringing, weaving and wire work. I’ve been working in clay for as long as I can remember, taking classes at local art centers and always in the ceramics studio in high school. Finding myself in classes when I was living in Richmond, Virginia, working at the wheel, I slowly began to move towards hand building. It was then I realized I could combine my love for creating jewelry and working in clay. With lots of encouragement from friends, I decided to create this jewelry and immediately knew I needed to dedicate it to a place with such fond memories. I’ve loved making my entire life, with a feeling I could never have idle hands. It has always been a way for me to express myself, when words fall short. Through some life detours, working in music and film, I find myself always coming back to what I can create with my own two hands. With my background in ceramics, and a love of making jewelry, I’ve worked for the last couple years to combine them together to create Hollybanks Lane. With inspiration from the minimalist aesthetic, each piece is made utilizing distinctive clays, glazes and ceramic techniques, creating one of a kind statement jewelry. Hollybanks Lane is created in my home studio outside Philadelphia, all coming together with some mud, metal and lots of care. 


My sweet studio mate has her roots in one of my favorite places, Richmond, Virginia! She was scooped from the city animal shelter, on sale... Little did I know, sweet girl was riddled with heartworms. After a few months of treatment, and lots of pets, she was feeling her spunky self. I often say about Ruby, to know her is to love her. She's a special lady, a mix of all the most stubborn breeds, with a howl that can be heard for miles. She's taught me so much about love, patience and the importance of slowing down. When Ruby isn't under my feet in the studio, she's laying on her favorite chair, just feet away, snoring the day away.

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